The Witch Of Painted Sorrows Book Review

Running away from our problems never solved anything. Running away usually creates more problems. But what happens when we run away and instead of adding to our troubles, we find a way to face them?

In The Witch Of Painted Sorrows, by M.J. Rose, Sandrine Salome is running from her life in New York City. More specifically, she is in mourning for her father and running from her cold, cruel husband. She runs to Paris, the home of her grandmother, defying the order to stay away. Sandrine discovers that her grandmother’s lavish, loving home is closed up. Her grandmother is not just any woman, she is famed and respected courtesan, known for taking lovers from only the highest levels of society.

While in Paris, Sandrine meets Julien Duplessi, a young architect who is as eager as she is to discover the secrets of the past. As Sandrine begins to understand the mysteries that have been hidden from her, she is possessed by La Lune, a 16th century courtesan. But will La Lune hurt or help Sandrine?

This book is a slow burn of a read. In most cases, a book that is a slow burn to read is not bad. In this case, it was too slow of a burn. I just wish that the author would have gotten to the end faster instead of having just too many breadcrumbs for the reader to follow. Other reviews have lavished praise on this novel. While it was enjoyable to read, I would not be so quick to say that it was the best book of the year.

Do I recommend it? Possibly.



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