Old, But Not Learned

Old age, as common wisdom suggests, represents knowledge and education. After many decades on Earth, we should have learned a thing or two.

Jimmy Carter is old. That does not mean he is wise or learned.

News outlets around the world reported that he met with Palestinian leaders. He has become outspoken in his criticism of Israel in recent years.

As I stated, old age does not always mean that he is wise or learned.

His statements are ludicrous. It’s no wonder why no one in the Israeli government has reached out to him. Considering his track record while in office (Iran hostage crisis anyone?), I don’t think that he is capable of meeting any government leader from any country.

In his case, the retirement home is the best place for him to be. One where he is medicated and not allowed  to speak to anyone, especially members of press or any government official, especially government officials from foreign countries.


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