Thoughts On Election Results Of The New York State Democratic Gubernatorial Race

Yesterday was primary day for the Democratic party in New York State.

The results surprised no one. Andrew Cuomo, who is in his second term as the Governor of the state of New York, won the primary against activist/actress Cynthia Nixon.

From my perspective, Mr. Cuomo was the best person for the job. Despite the hiccups that have come out of his administration, it was his experience that won me over. While Ms. Nixon fought well, I feel like her lack of political experience and her celebrity got in the way. After having nearly two years of you know who in office, I think I speak for many when I say that I would prefer someone in office who is not a newbie.

However, that does not mean that Mr. Cuomo is off the hook. The fact that Ms. Nixon got as far as she did speaks to the fact that there are many voters in this state who want a true progressive in Albany, instead of one who plays mere lip service to the ideals of the progressive movement. It also speaks to the list of political scandals that are attached to his name and leadership.

While we will have to wait until November to find out if Mr. Cuomo is elected to a third term, I have a feeling that he will be elected to a third term.



Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor Book Review

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is one of the most complicated political conflicts in our modern world.

In his new book, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor, Yossi Klein Halevi tries to see both sides of the conflict. As an Israeli and a Jew, Mr. Halevi understands the frustration of the Israelis who simply want to live in peace, but must do what needs to be done to ensure the survival of their people. While doing this, he writes about the anger and disenfranchisement that is felt by the Palestinians. By the end of the book, Mr. Halevi does not offer any concrete solutions for solving the conflict. However, he does open the door to communication and holds out a figurative hand, in hopes that this may one day lead to the end of the conflict.

When wanting to resolve any conflict, the first step to ensure that cooler heads prevail before the parties sit down to hash out an agreement. This book is the figurative cooler head. Though I stand on the side of Israel when it comes to this particular disagreement, this book helped me to get off my soapbox if only for a moment to see the point of view from the other side. Sometimes, that is all it takes to start on the road to peace.

I absolutely recommend it.


Flashback Friday-Property Brothers (2011-Present)

Among the shows that dot the reality television landscape, shows that center around home remodeling are not only the most compelling, but also the least likely to create brain drain.

Property Brothers premiered on HGTV in 2011. Ever since then, it has become one of the network’s most popular shows.  The premise of the show that twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott work each episode with a homeowner or homeowners who are convinced to purchase a new home that is badly in need of a face lift. Drew is the realtor and Jonathan is the contractor. At the end of each episode, the homeowner(s) are presented with the final results of the remodel.

After 7 years on the air, Property Brothers still pulls in audience for good reasons. Their affable charm, easy going manner and extensive knowledge in the world of real estate sucks the viewer in and does not let go until the closing credits roll.

I recommend it.

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