You Might Be A Fiddler On The Roof Fan If…

I had the  incredible pleasure of seeing the new revival Of Fiddler On The Roof back in January. It is one of the freshest, most entertaining Broadway shows I have seen in a very long time.

With that being said, you might be a Fiddler On The Roof fan if…

  • You don’t have to be Jewish or have familial roots in Eastern Europe to recognize the human relationships or the human stories enfolding on stage.
  • If you had any control over the Tony Awards in June, you would automatically give Danny Burnstein the award for Best Actor in a musical.
  • You recognize the contemporary nature of the narrative, especially with the current refugee crisis in Syria.
  • If you have a sister or a brother, you understand the relationship between Tevye’s daughters.
  • You have purchased the soundtrack, which has instantly wormed itself into your brain and has not left.
  • You are sad that the last episode of Motel Citizen premiered tonight.
  • If you are Jewish and your ancestors have come from Eastern Europe, you are bursting with nachas (pride) that the revival is a success.
  • You have seen this revival at least once (or twice) and would eagerly go again.
  • As a woman, looking back at the lives of Golde, her daughters and the women of Anatevka, you appreciate that what you can accomplish goes beyond the traditional roles of marriage and motherhood.
  • Even though you may know the story inside out, you are wishing that for once, the story would have ended differently.
  • Knowing the history of 20th century Europe, you wince at Tzeitel and Motel moving to Warsaw and you hope that if a sequel to Fiddler existed, that they would have left Europe before World War II.
  • And finally, you adore this musical.

You Might Be A Lost Fan If….

You might be a Lost fan if…..

  • You appreciate the following sequence of numbers, especially when it comes to playing the lottery: 4 ,8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
  • You watch Once Upon A Time and remember when Emilie deRaven, Elizabeth Mitchell and Rebecca Mader were known on screen as Claire, Juliet and Charlotte, not Belle, Ingrid and Zelena.
  • You rank the sex scene between Sawyer and Kate in the cage as one of the hottest television sex scenes.
  • You want to attend a Drive Shaft concert and know the lyrics to “You All Everybody”.
  • You have a new outlook on air transportation.
  • You still feel like many questions were left unanswered, especially from the finale.
  • It was the most irritating, entertaining shows on television that kept you begging for more.
  • You watched the finale with a box of kleenex to wipe your eyes and a pad to write down the limitless fanfiction ideas /questions that entered your mind.
  • You want to visit or have visited Hawaii because of Lost.
  • When the reruns are on, you still sit down to watch.
  • And finally, you still question the wisdom of the final pairing of Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet.

You Might Be A Downton Abbey Fan If….

You might be a Downton Abbey fan if…

  • If you are an American fan, you avoid social media and the British press during the fall to prevent yourself from finding out spoilers.
  • You find a way to watch the current season on the internet before it airs in America.
  • The episode when Anna was raped had you in tears.
  • When Joanne Froggatt won best supporting actress, you jumped for joy (and then preceded to congratulate her via twitter).
  • As soon as the date of the season premier is announced, you start counting down the days.
  • You cried when Sybil and Matthew died.
  • You have read or written fanfiction.
  • You wish Robert would just stop being so nostalgic for the past and use his brain when it comes to business matters.
  • You thank Julian Fellows profusely for Maggie Smith’s profound and hilarious one liners.
  • You become interested in the history of the period.
  • You are waiting for an Odd Couple/Downtown mashup spinoff starring Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton.
  • You cheered when Edith took control of her life and her child.
  • You want to smack Mary for being so nasty sometimes.
  • You have seen or want to see the following movies, regardless of the reviews or the box office returns:
    • The Guest
    • The Cobbler
    • Cinderella
    • Winters Tale
    • Non Stop
    • Anna Karenina
  • You would love to dress up like the female characters (minus the corset), if only for a short time.
  • Every clip and interview that is released before the season starts is conversation starter.
  • You are waiting eagerly for the sixth and final season.
  • And finally, when the end credits roll for the final episode, you will need a huge (and I mean huge, box of Kleenex)

You Might Be A Poldark Fan If

You might be Poldark fan if…

  • You have seen the original series or you have read the books.
  • You say “smouldark” instead of Poldark.
  • If you didn’t know who Aidan Turner was before, you know who he is now.
  • You’ve watched this video far too many times.


  • You’ve also seen this video far too many times.
  • Cornwall has been added to your places to visit in the UK.
  • As a female, you are envious of Elizabeth’s, Verity’s and Demelza’s (post street urchin) clothes.
  • You wanted to reach into the screen and smack Ruth for her nasty comments.
  • Ross Poldark stands with Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester and Mr. Thornton as British literary leading men that bring out the inner fifteen year old in you.
  • Sunday at 9, you are home, your television is tuned to PBS.
  • And finally, you are ready for season two (even if you are in the US and only halfway through season one).

You Might Be A Once Upon A Time Fan If….

You might be a Once Upon A Time fan if…..

  • Unless there is a dire emergency, Sunday night at 8PM, you are home, watching OUAT.
  • You ship one of the following relationships: Rumbelle, Captain Swan, Snowing, etc.
  • You have read or written Once Upon A Time fanfiction.
  • You look at the previous Disney adaptations of the fairy tales with new eyes.
  • You wait with baited breath for the footage and the interviews from comic-con.



  • You  have a new appreciation for Lost (if you don’t have one already).
  • You thank Adam and Eddy for writing strong, smart, capable female characters.
  • You follow the actors on the various social media platforms.
  • And finally, you are counting down the days until September 27th, when season 5 premieres.

You Might Be A Bronte Fan If…..

You might be a Bronte Fan if…..

  • You own and/or have seen several filmed adaptations of the novels.
  • You own and or/have read all of their novels.
  • You own and/or have read biographies or fictional stories based on the lives of the Brontes.
  • You  are annoyed when Charlotte and Emily are mentioned, but Anne is not.
  • If you are a straight female or a gay man, you fantasize about Edward Rochester or Heathcliff.
  • Visiting Haworth, the Bronte Parsonage, Haddon Hall, and/or the Moors is on your travel bucket list.
  • You mourn over dead leaves.
  • You follow the careers of the actors who have played Bronte characters, even if some of their post-Bronte choice of roles were questionable.
  • You can easily rank your favorite adaptations of the novels and the actors who played the various characters.
  • You saw the Jane Eyre musical.
  • Your annoyed when people confuse any of Brontes with Jane Austen. Jane Austen is not the sequel or the prequel to Jane Eyre.
  • You side with Emily Bronte in the debate about who is a better writer.
  • You were thrilled when you assigned to read one of the novels in school.
  • And finally, every time you finish one of their novels, you silently thank them for being bold enough to share their genius with the rest of the world.

You Might Be A Janeite If……

You might be a Janeite if…..

  • You being many a sentence with “It is a universally acknowledged….”
  • As a single person, your dates are compared to the following
    • If the date was good (and your female and/or straight): Captain Wentworth, Edmund Bertram, Fitzwilliam Darcy, etc
    • If your date was bad (and your female and/or straight) : Mr. Elliot, Henry Crawford, Mr. Collins, Mr. Wickham,
    • If your date was good (and your male and/or straight): Anne Elliot, Fanny Price, Elizabeth Bennet, etc.
    • If your date was bad (and your male and/or straight): Elizabeth Elliot, Mariah Bertram, Caroline Bingley, Mary Bennet etc
  • You frequently drop references to Austen characters and story lines in your every day conversations: i.e.- when sharing the details of a bad date with a friend: He was such a Mr. Collins. I wanted to puke.
  • You compare your parents to the parents in Austen and thank your lucky stars that your parents are not like them.
  • You want to see, have seen or own one of the following because more than one Austen actor is on the cast list. This is regardless of whether it is a period piece, if it is related to Jane Austen or how the reviewers reacted.
    • The Kings Speech
    • Love Actually
    • Gambit
    • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
    • Possession
    • Harry Potter
    • A Little Chaos
    • Daniel Deronda
    • Summer In February
    • Captain America
    • Much Ado About Nothing
    • Nanny McPhee
    • Effie Gray
    • Brideshead Revisisted
    • Jungbug
    • Bridget Jones Diary
  • You own more than one copy of her novels (I have three physical different copies of Pride and Prejudice, well four if you count the digital copy).
  • You have attended or plan on attending one or more of JASNA Annual General Meetings.
  • You drool over period costumes, especially regency era clothes.
  • The top of your travel bucket list includes Chawton and Lyme Park.
  • You spend way too much time on youtube watching Austen related videos, thinking of songs that would make good videos, writing Jane Austen related fanfiction or killing time by looking up Jane Austen related products on etsy.
  • You still think Colin Firth is one of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen.
  • You own more than one filmed adaptation of the books.
  • And finally, you have a group of friends who are just as crazy about Jane and her books as you are.
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