You Might Be A Bronte Fan If…..

You might be a Bronte Fan if…..

  • You own and/or have seen several filmed adaptations of the novels.
  • You own and or/have read all of their novels.
  • You own and/or have read biographies or fictional stories based on the lives of the Brontes.
  • You  are annoyed when Charlotte and Emily are mentioned, but Anne is not.
  • If you are a straight female or a gay man, you fantasize about Edward Rochester or Heathcliff.
  • Visiting Haworth, the Bronte Parsonage, Haddon Hall, and/or the Moors is on your travel bucket list.
  • You mourn over dead leaves.
  • You follow the careers of the actors who have played Bronte characters, even if some of their post-Bronte choice of roles were questionable.
  • You can easily rank your favorite adaptations of the novels and the actors who played the various characters.
  • You saw the Jane Eyre musical.

  • Your annoyed when people confuse any of Brontes with Jane Austen. Jane Austen is not the sequel or the prequel to Jane Eyre.
  • You side with Emily Bronte in the debate about who is a better writer.

  • You were thrilled when you assigned to read one of the novels in school.
  • And finally, every time you finish one of their novels, you silently thank them for being bold enough to share their genius with the rest of the world.


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4 responses to “You Might Be A Bronte Fan If…..

  1. Feminism Through Cinema and Literature

    So true! I totally agree

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  2. Incredibly accurate list. Especially the arguing that Emily was a better writer!


    • I don’t agree that Emily is a better writer. Her writing is the best of the best, but sometimes I don’t want to read something so dark or dramatic.


      • I find amongst romance fans especially she is often shortchanged, mainly because Wuthering Heights is such a polarizing story. As a result, I’ve had to stand up for the quality of her writing more than once. Dark and dramatic, yes, but nonetheless superb. Though I totally agree about sometimes not being in the mood for it.

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